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Help & Info about Free Video to Mp3 Converter for windows

  • How do I download videos with subtitles?

    Copy and paste the YouTube video link, and don’t forget to check that the video has subtitles before you download it. Go to the “Tools” menu and click on the “Download subtitles” button. Once you have waited a few seconds, you will be able to click the “Download” button and the subtitles will be included. ?
  • Can I download password protected videos?

    In most cases, if you need an username and password in order to view the video online, then you will not be able to download it using this program. Even though you are only downloading the audio part of the video, the software is blocked by the username and password request that the website is sending back.
  • How do I send a file that I wish to have tested?

    You will need to check the file is less that 10mb so you can attach it to the ticket you have filled out in the customer support second. If the file is more than 10mb you will need to download the Dropbox service via, install Dropbox onto your PC, create an account, and then load your file into the DropBox cloud service. Put a file into a “Public” folder, right click on the file, click on the Dropbox “Copy Public Link” and then attach the link to the customer support ticket you create. If the file is over 3GB, you will need to send a message though to the Helpdesk for more information on what to do.
  • I don’t get any sound when I download videos, why is this?

    It is probably because YouTube have changed their audio codecs again. Download the most current version of the Free Video to Mp3 Converter software, or make sure that you installed the last update. You may also need to download and install the K-Lite Codec Mega Pack.
  • Do I need to run this Free Video to Mp3 Converter as the administrator?

    Such issues probably won’t matter if you are using your own computer at home, but if you are using this tool in a work or school environment, then you may have trouble installing and activating it. Typically, if the program was installed by the administrator and it is available on your user profile, then you shouldn't have any trouble using it unless the administrator has restricted your access to it.
  • Why didn't the tool shutdown automatically after downloading?

    There are settings that you must change if you want the tool to shutdown itself and/or shut down your computer after downloading is complete. The default settings do not force a shutdown of the downloading software or of your computer.
  • What is the premium licence?

    The creators of this program have a premium licence that allows you to gain better access to this and other programs and their extra abilities. For example, there are programs where you may only edit videos of a certain length unless you have their premium licence. The premium licence is an exclusive licence that will give you priority for tech support, easy update management, ad free product, and it allows remote sessions to solve issues.
  • How do I activate my Premium Membership?

    For Windows OS, you go to DVDVideoSoft app that you want to activate, click on the app and go to the link on the GUI that says, “Activate Premium membership” and enter the activation key before pressing the “Activate” button. For Mac OS X you will need to go onto the file “Activate Premium Membership,” enter the activation key, and press the “Activate” button.
  • Is this program truly free or some sort of free trial?

    Many of the programs that DVDVideoSoft produce are free because they make their money from bloatware and adverts. This Free Video to Mp3 Converter is free to download and use.
  • Can I remove the adverts and bloatware?

    You are unable to avoid some of the bloatware that comes with this program. The others you are able to tick or un-tick in order to avoid downloading and installing the bloatware. If you wish to get rid of the adverts on the converter’s GUI, then you need to sign up for a paid premium membership.


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